The History of Hugh F. Miller Insurance

On July 15th, 1985, Hugh F. Miller opened his very own insurance agency at 1400 1st Ave. Rock Falls, IL. With only a few carriers and less than a handful of employees, Hugh F. Miller Insurance Agency was born. The agency soon grew to include more family members, including Hugh's wife Betty, and his daughter Veronica. More companies were contracted through the office and more employees were hired. The agency continued to grow, and eventually incorporated in 2001, as well as broke ground for a new office on July 15th of 2002.


Hugh F. Miller Insurance Agency, Inc. celebrated it's 18th anniversary with a grand opening of a new office location on July 15th, 2003 at 801 1st Ave. in Rock Falls. More recently, we celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2015.


We are a family owned and operated business, and have been from the very start. We proudly serve our community with excellent services from various companies, and have agents specialized in your specific needs. We have now grown to 14 employees, the majority of which are family.


We have spent the past 30+ years focused on serving the community the best way we know how: treating them like family. With three generations of Miller’s working at our agency, it’s easy to see that here, family matters. Our agency has grown to degrees we never thought possible when we opened in 1985.


Our clientele has grown to amazing numbers, and our staff has shown so much progress in learning and stepping up to serve YOU. Family is number one on our list, from living in such a tight-knit community, to working with the same families and clients from the very start, and even to adding more family connections to our agency.


Thank you to our amazing community for supporting us and letting us protect you in return.

Our mission

Hugh F. Miller Insurance Agency, Inc. - an independent, family owned and operated business - aims to thoughtfully educate and inform our community and clients on the products they need to protect themselves and their families.


"Thank you for always being so helpful and kind. Everyone in your office has always been very helpful [and patient] with all of our questions and needs...It is hard enough to understand on a good day: what is covered, how much is covered, what are the rules to be covered...not to mention being on hold or transferred from one department to the next. So, I will always have good things to say about your agency - whether it’s family working there or other employees – the hometown family feeling is a big part of who you are as a business and it comes across as you deal with the public. It’s just so refreshing to walk in and get a nice smile, or call and always get a pleasant response...I had to write back to you after I read your note of appreciation for our business and wanted to make sure you and your staff know how much we appreciate all of you!"

- Jackie Huntley

"Hugh F Miller Insurance Agency in Rock Falls, IL has both our commercial and personal insurance. We are highly satisfied with the quality of service and the completeness / cost effectiveness of the coverage that Miller Insurance Agency has found for us.


On the commercial side, we have found that Miller Insurance takes the time to analyze, update, and recommend coverage for us. We are busy running our business and do not have time to become insurance specialists. They have been good at recommending new products and increased coverage where appropriate, but also recommend LOWERING coverage where we are spending too much. Every year, they review our account, seek competitive bids, and then provide an organized overview of what / where and how. Hugh Miller Insurance also responds quickly to questions and requests for information.

On the personal side, many of the comments are the same. They understand our needs and situation and THEN recommend coverage. Costs are competitive with other insurance. However, when we have a need / question, they are quick to respond. A PERSON always answers the phone - no "Push 1 to talk to ..."


Hugh F Miller Insurance Agency is the best agency in the area, and we wish that there was a 6 star review available, because they have earned it."

- Paul Sandefer

801 1st Avenue

Rock Falls, IL 61071


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Phone: (815) 626-1300

Fax: (815) 626-0522